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1023 East Route 66 Boulevard, Tucumcari, NM, United States

7:00-10:00am and 4:00-9:00pm 7 days a week

1472352156_12940946_161821974214423_1224751855_aRoadrunner Lodge has rebuilt a lost piece of classic Americana and provides a comfortable and memorable experience for travelers staying in Tucumcari.  Come visit Roadrunner Lodge and enjoy an experience unlike any other. Premium bedding, plush bathroom accessories, and fast and free wifi await your arrival. 

Roadrunner Lodge was originally two different properties. The older portion on the west side was known as La Plaza Court built in 1947. Early pictures of the property can be found in some of the rooms and show La Plaza Court’s original room configuration with adjacent garages.  The bathrooms have vintage tiling and architectural features we hope to preserve when we begin the renovations on La Plaza Court in 2017.

They were run as separate properties for many years.  When they were combined into a single property, the roofline of the Leatherwood lobby was extended to cover both properties and the lobby and manager’s living quarters of La Plaza Court was converted into multi-room guest suites.

Roadrunner Lodge went through several name changes over the years and even flew several different franchise flags in its past. David and Amanda acquired the property in April 2014 after it had been closed for about 5 years. They’ve put extensive time and investment into renovations and creating an experience they would enjoy themselves.  They still have many plans to improve the property. Every day something gets at least a little better, and sometimes big changes happen all at once!

(608) 254-2431

1311 e Broadway, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965, United States

Here at the International Motel (now the All Star Value Inn) we will make your stay relaxing and quiet in our clean 45 unit establishment. Located close to the Downtown shopping area yet far enough away to enjoy the quiet peaceful setting of country living. Enjoy our 3+ acres of land where you and your children could throw a ball around, run around, play in our playground and enjoy the grass area – and not be worried about their safety with cars on the roadway or a fall on a hard driveway.

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(304) 822-3595

Route 50 East Romney WV 26757

Coming to us as a reader suggestion, the Koolwink Motel has been an family owned business for 70 years. It first opened its doors to the traveling public as a tourist home in 1936. Nora and Henry Klien Rented rooms within their residence, as well as two small cottages. In August of 1955, Wallace and Pauline moved in and have been owner/operators ever since.

In the late 50s, a long foundation was built. A cottage was placed on each end and units were constructed in the middle and the Koolwink went from four rooms to eight. More units were built in the mid 60s. Then, in the late 60s, the annex building was added on a hill in the woods. At present, the Koolwink Motel is a modern facility with a retro feel. This combination provides a unique experiences in travel.

All the motel rooms are cared for as an extention of the Mauk’s home. As a result, they are welcoming, comfortable, and exceptionally clean.

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523 S Broad St, Brevard, NC 28712, United States

This quaint, retro motel, reminiscent of the 50’s is a must-see when passing through Brevard, North Carolina. When you first drive in you are transported back in time and expect the staff to be sporting beehive hairdos and all the fixin’s. Lori, the new owner, has made some major improvements and will be continuing to update the charming motel throughout the season. The Sunset Motel celebrates the best of the classic roadside motel experience. They’re the real deal: clean, comfortable rooms, friendly hometown staff, chairs right outside your door so you can visit with neighbors, and an ice maker just around the corner. And yes, for all you city folks, we do have free wi-fi in the all the rooms! The Sunset Motel is conveniently located within walking distance of downtown Brevard and minutes away from Pisgah National Forest and multitudes of other natural attractions.

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