Bel Air Motel


705 North Date St. Truth or Consequences NM 87901

The Belair Inn was quite a find – small, quiet, no pool, but well taken care of and fabulous furnishings. While the furniture wasn’t new it was stylish with all upgraded bedding, linens and soaps. making a simple little motel feel luxurious.

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White Sands Motel

(877) 437-2922

1101 S White Sands Blvd, Alamogordo, NM 88310, United States

The hotel is mid-century heaven from the outside, with sculptured trees and shrubs outside and the long low buildings with a tasteful yellow paint. That’s where the mid-century “style” ends. The rooms were modernized and looked very “hotel-like”. They have refrigerators, and nice beds. The bathroom still sported pink tile tho! (yay) and was in great shape!
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The Munger Moss Motel


1330 Route 66, Lebanon, MO 65536, United States

The Munger Moss Motel promises a charming vintage “vaycay” setting along the rustic Route 66 highway. Located in Lebanon, Missouri the Munger Moss Motel’s brightly lit neon sign has led many travelers of the night into a mid-century paradise. A variety of amenities are offered, including an outdoor pool, smokers’ rooms, and free wifi. All rooms, true to their station, have been uniquely decorated and individualized with tourist photography and artwork depicting the glory and heritage of Route 66. Owners Bob and Ramona Lehman greet travelers with a warm welcome and will gladly share their stories of the road while gathered around the motel’s outdoor fireplace. The main office is also home to an impressive antique toy truck collection—one that will surely spread smiles across the faces of young automotive enthusiasts and older sentimentalists. With all the Route 66 highway and Munger Moss Motel have to offer, it’s a wonder why you’re still sitting at home. Time to grab your camera and plan a roadtrip because your experience can become part of Munger Moss history!

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The Wagon Wheel


901 E. Washington St, Cuba, MO 65453

The motel was built in 1935. Originally there was a building that housed a café (which now has Connie’s Shoppe), one that had a gas station and then the motel.

Connie Echols bought the motel in 2009 and totally renovated the entire property. She kept the motel open as she renovated because the motel has the honor of being the oldest, continuously operating motel on Route 66 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. While there is no smoking in the rooms, smoking is allowed in an area outside.

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Boots Motel


107 South Garrison Avenue, Carthage, MO 64836, United States

The Historic Boots Court is located in Carthage, Missouri on Old Route 66 on what is called the “CROSSROADS of AMERICA”. The Boots was built in 1939 by Arthur Boots, and still carries his name today. The “Motel” was saved from demolition by two sisters who are presently restoring the property to the way it was in 1949, and with the five rooms in the detached annex being completed and opened-for-business in 2012, this famous Art Deco-Streamline Modern building is currently listed by Trip as the “Best Motel in Carthage”! Stay with us and experience history.